3D Architectural Visualisation

Michael Laurie Architects have a proven track record of combining Architectural experience and functional expertise to produce high-quality visual images. We have worked on diverse building types and can also transform 2D CAD Drawings, sketches, or real site images into images with details and texture that give real feel to the building site.

We have the inhouse capability to transform the client’s imagination into Architectural Renderings, Animation, Walkthroughs, Photomontages, etc. which realistically portrays how the building will look once constructed. We offer a range of services from interior visualisations to external renderings, 3D animations and 360 CGI virtual tours.

These creative visualisations can transform your project and bring ideas to life.

Using the latest CGI software innovations, our talented creatives will create crafted 3D renderings ideal for a range of purposes. From off plan marketing visuals, support for planning applications to images for promotional campaigns; we offer quality architectural and product visualisation for your needs.

Our 3D CGI expert and Senior Architect Philip Leiper (Refer CV) has the architectural skills, an eye for the detail and the software tools to generate impressive images, with a photo-realistic quality.