Charity Fundraising Events


Members of the Team at Michael Laurie Architects have taken part in many events over the years to raise money for some very worthwhile causes. Our main company charity contributions go to Alzheimer’s Scotland following the premature death of Michaels Mum, Avril from Vascular Dementia in 2009. The family received a lot of support before and after and annually take part in the Memory Walk which takes place in Dalkeith Country Park as well as the Annual Golf Tournament at Turnhouse Golf Club.

We have also lost some close friends to suicide and cancer and will continue to take part in fundraising events for these very worthwhile causes including the Race for Life, Pedal for Scotland, CALM and Maggie’s Bike and Hike.


School and College Careers Fairs

Managing Director of MLA, Michael, and Associate Jill Molloy have attended various Careers Fairs at the local Primary Schools, High Schools and Colleges. These include:

  • St Peter RC Morningside,
  • St Thomas of Aquins High School
  • Merchiston Castle School
  • Loretto Senior School
  • Edinburgh Telford College

The Careers Fairs allowed pupils to meet architectural professionals and provided a forum for discussion and exchange of information about how to enter an architectural career, what a typical working day is like, and what skills and qualities are necessary to succeed. It also gives pupils the opportunity to present themselves as potential interns or work experience candidates.

Michael was also invited by a Programme Area Leader/Lecturer at Edinburgh’s Telford College to present our design work and experience on the architectural profession to a final year class about to enter the workplace.

Supply Chain Opportunities


Michael Laurie Architects are committed to creating opportunities for local SMEs to support our work through the supply chain. As Lead designers and Architects, we have a unique opportunity to engage with specialist consultants, suppliers and contractors in both our project work and the running of our Sustainable business.

To run the practice, Michael Laurie Architects are supported by a wide range of local suppliers and venues that indirectly benefit from our appointment by clients.

Small businesses currently part of our MLA supply chain include:

  • Local Suppliers – HOBS Reprographics
  • Local Suppliers – Vote Pedro Website designer Peter Lugton
  • Local Suppliers – Charity Venues Gillis Centre
  • Local Suppliers – Local Tradesmen – Painters/Joiners
  • Local Suppliers – Artist/Photographer Julian McNairn White
  • Local Suppliers – Accountants Hogg & Thorburn
  • Local Suppliers – City cabs Taxis
  • Local Suppliers – Diagknows IT Specialists
  • Local Suppliers – Arkle IT Specialists
  • Local Suppliers – KR AutoCAD training
  • Local Suppliers – Cleaners
  • Local Supplier – Window cleaners
  • Local Venues – Local Hotels, restaurants and Coffee Shops.

Pro Bono Advisory Roles


Michael Laurie Architects have, over the years in practice, undertaken several advisory roles on a Pro Bono basis for charities

These include:

  • Alzheimer’s Scotland – Advisory Board for Midlothian Community Hospital
  • Alzheimer’s Scotland – Design for Dementia
  • Catholic Church – Archdiocese of St Andrew & Edinburgh – Various projects
  • Catholic Church – Loretto & St Michaels Lottery Bid
  • WS Society – DDA Facilities
  • One Kind Animal Charity – New Office Premises

Representing Alzheimer’s Scotland, Michael sat on an NHS advisory board in 2008 for the new Midlothian Community hospital, near Bonnyrigg which provides 40 frail elderly continuing care beds and 48 frail elderly mental health beds. This involved meeting with the Project Team and Developers to address design issues prior to its construction.

The facility intended to replace the continuing care elements of Loanhead Hospital, Rosslynlee. It was built by Robertson Group and opened in September 2010.

Michael supported and promoted the creation of a Community Garden, welcoming people experiencing mental or physical health problems, disadvantage, isolation, or poverty. The gardens offer people fantastic opportunities to grow food, socialise and improve general health and wellbeing.

Work Placements


Michael Laurie Architects has provided Work Placement opportunities to several students since establishing in 2005. These have included four students, Neil Colvin, Sarah Gardiner, Stephen Dolan, and Yesi Wood. (Sarah has now become a qualified architect.) We have also offered advice and networking connections to several other students. This work experience has generally taken place in their Fifth and Sixth Forms. This workplace usually took place over a week, which included learning about the architecture profession, organising site visits to fully operational construction sites and meeting with members of the Faculty of Architecture at Edinburgh University.

We also have employed architecture students on their Work experience training year, where we are responsible for ensuring their professional development is in line with the requirements of the Architects Registration Boards examinations.