Client Advisory Service

When considering a large construction project, the most important decisions are often the ones made at the beginning, before the planning and design stages, and long before work starts on site. MLA’s Client Advisers are highly trained, experienced architects (but is not the one designing the building and is not the Project Manager). If appointed in this role, we can work with the client’s team, independent of the supply team, monitoring and helping the client to manage the design process from its earliest stages. MLA are experienced Client Advisers and will work with you to help define and deliver the best long-term solution for your organisation, one that will fulfil all the aims and requirements of the project, can help bring certainty and maximise the value of your investment.

There are a range of ways in which a Client Advisor operates. The context, the sector, the specialism, and role or function will be different for each project.

Over thirty years we have developed the knowledge, skills, and abilities, understanding, and experience to undertake this role.

There are six crucial activities in the Clients Advisory Role:

  • Shaping vision and aspiration
  • Engaging stakeholders effectively
  • Supporting process to deliver outcomes
  • Facilitating value management
  • Preparing for use and
  • In use

MLA are working towards becoming accredited RIBA Client Advisers. These practices are selected by the Royal Institute of British Architects from its membership for their all-round procurement expertise, design experience, business knowledge and track-record of delivering results in construction projects.